New Genuine Spoilers of the Peace

Here is yet another genuine spoiler of the peace process in Mindanao which creates a monster out of the peace talks – an exaggeration par excellence born out of unfounded and baseless apprehensions.

With all certainty, Dean Marvic Leonen, a top jurist, knows the real meaning of ‘dismemberment’, ‘surrender of sovereignty’, that the article below had alleged to have been the diabolic intention of the peace talks by a seemingly ‘submissive’ GPH Panel. Of course, the members of the GPH panel are men and women of known probity, intelligence and integrity who would not “sign away a big portion of Mindanao”. Recognition and grant of legitimate rights as product of long and passionate debate through a process of ‘peace talks’ are different altogether.

And what more do they allege? no mention of internal security?

Ow, how can they un-learn that the New Autonomous Political Entity, as in the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity, is not independent nor separate from the rest of the Philippine Archipelago and very much within the jurisdiction of the national government, and ergo, coinage, foreign affairs, security, and other vital national interests are left in the control of the national government. If they refuse to learn the dynamics and processes of the peace talks and its consequential outcome, they will remain the genuine spoilers of the peace that we are so wanting in Mindanao.

Now, read below to understand how they try to put words and meanings to almost every substance of the peace process if only to redirect and distort its true meanings and real intentions, or in short, spoil the peace process.

The joint statement by the Gov’t. of the Republic of the Philippines and hardline rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front signed on 24th April 2012 in Kuala Lumpur contains a reference to the creation of a “new political entity.”

But what could the term mean?

The meaning of the term “new political entity”, i.e., an independent government, a new political enclave, etc., etc., could not have been lost on a top jurist like Dean Marvic Leonen. We believe the “new political entity” doctrine contained in the GPH-MILF Decision Points of Principles as of April 2012 is actually a continuation of the disrupted Gloria Macapagal Arroyo plan to dismember the Republic when the past administration almost signed away a big portion of Mindanao to Malaysia’s proxy, the MILF. The Supreme Court stopped it on time.

We believe that the reference in that joint agreement to a ‘new political entity’ being created can not be a lapse in judgment, certainly not by a top jurist like Dean Marvic Leonen. We believe that this agreement is spelling out a potentially realistic surrender of republican sovereignty over a big portion of our national territory to God knows which entity.

Another important point that’s so glaring in that “agreement” because of its absence: The non-mention of internal security powers by the state in that agreement is rather alarming; what does it say or not say? That if the state’s internal security is threatened and that the threat is emanating from that new “political entity”, the state will have no powers to do something about it… In other words, the AFP, whose mandate is to protect the people of the republic and has for its sworn duty to defend the state from threats coming from within (as well as from external threats), shall not lift a finger???

Alarming in the extreme… (From a Facebook Page named Nemo Nos Impune Lacessit)


NOW, it may not be too farfetched for any peace-loving Mindanawon to imagine that if lasting and sustainable peace is still elusive to this day, it is because the real enemy are the so-called spoilers of the peace process.


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