Korean Fencer’s Devastating Loss

It was so bad to loss by a misjudgment of the officials. This is what happened to Shin A-lam of South Korea, a lady fencer with all the chance to grab the gold medal. “I was in a very good shape coming here,” she said through an interpreter. “In fact, I expected the gold medal.”


She had already been ruled the loser in a semifinal match with Britta Heidemann of Germany 5-6, but the South Korean team lodged an official protest and claimed time had expired before Heidemann scored the decisive point. But after slightly more than an hour the officials came back to uphold their decision.

By closer scrutiny the final second appeared to have expired before the German fencer was thought to have landed the final clincher. Had the match ended tied at 5-5, Shin, who had been awarded priority under the rules, would have advanced to the gold-medal match.

Shin returned to vie for the bronze against a Chinese opponent but she was expected to loss after having been so affected by what she thought was a misjudgment of the game officials. And lost indeed she was.

This reminded me of what happened to our very own Mansueto Velasco (Filipino boxer) who fought for the gold in the Atlanta Olympics and lost to settle for the silver medal after he was clearly cheated off his points. It was so disgusting to see some punches that he clearly landed were scored to his opponent’s card.

Well, the Olympics, as in any sporting event, is not devoid of human frailty but the game officials could have risen up to the issue especially that they had the time to rectify the decision.


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