B-Meg’s Never-Say-Die Attitude


With 3-1 win-loss record in favor of Rain or Shine team, many thought that it was the end of the series for the B-Meg Llamados in game 5 Wednesday (8-1-12).

But then expectations are not as real as the actual. What was thought to be the continuation of the Rain or Shine surge rather turned out to be a B-Meg resurgence with their never-say-die attitude, probably, inspired by its coach Tim Cone – whom I consider the most talented in the league (Philippine Basketball Association).

The winning performance has been that of James Yap. With his barrage of 30 points ably supported by Blake and company, the momentum suddenly switched to the side of the Llamados and reaped its most important win.

Then, game 6 (Friday; 8-3-12) turned out to be a repeat of game 5 with the Llamados securing a lead as high as 24 points in the opening of the fourth quarter. And they never looked back until the final score registered at 97-81.

Now the series was reduced to a single match that will be decided on Sunday (8-5-12). But game 7 is always a toss-up between the two teams and with talented players from both sides all powered by determination to win, Sunday’s game could be a real explosive one.

Coach Tim Cone aptly described game 7 as “an all-out war, a 50/50 game. It’s not a game of adjustments; it’s a game of heart.”


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