Lone Pinoy Boxer Bows Out of Olympics

Our last dimmer of hope for a medal in the London Olympics is gone with Mark Anthony Barriga bowing out to his Kazak opponent.


It could had been a blame-free match had it not been for the warnings which clearly cost Barriga the points he needed to win. Barriga was warned twice by the referee hence a 2-point deduction from his points while the Kazakh was warned once with one point deduction. With the final score of 17-16 in favor of the Kazakh, it could be said that Barriga should have won had it not been for the warnings and point deduction.

And why will there be blame for warnings? Because this is entirely a discretion of the referee and besides a boxer should be warned three times before a penalty is imposed which was not the case in this fight. Barriga’s two warnings were due to docking low and a head butt. He is already short of 6 inches compared to his opponent and a slight dock would naturally seem low. The second warning for head butt is quite absurd if you consider the height and size of Barriga compared to his bigger and taller opponent.

Our boxing officials had lodged a complaint to protest the warnings and deductions but we are almost certain that this would go nowhere as we have seen earlier in the case of the South Korean lady fencer who felt cheated when her opponent was awarded a score after the time had lapsed.

But then that was all about it. There’s no use crying over spilled milk.

Some of our fellow bloggers throw the blame on government’s sluggish support for sport while others were more contrite by saying Mark Anthony is very young at 19. There is much in store for him and he should start training his eyes on the 2016 Olympics.

With all 11 Filipino athletes out, our quest for Olympic medal has expired

Better luck next time Team Philippines. We know your body and spirit are willing but the talent and skills are a little short.


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