This do-it-all thing


Now I’m gonna fabricate this by all means. This ‘do-it-all’ mechanism is amazing.

Imagine doing all these at the same time and in one setting: baby-sit, exercise or figure biking or simply tone down your muscles, unload stress, enjoy the fresh outdoor air, break free when it is the husband who nags in the kitchen or the laundry room (hahaha..), sight-seeing, etc.

I have not seen one like this from the malls that we have in Manila, Cebu or Davao, or they might have escaped my attention. But it is not difficult to fabricate one like this.

I am thinking of buying a more stable (strongly built) baby stroller for my grandchild who stays with us (never mind divulging my true age) and an equally stable bicycle. There are a lot of second-hand bicycles for sale which can serve for this purpose.

Somewhere at the back of the stroller, perpendicular to its center, I can connect the bicycle. But before I do that I must remove the front wheel of the bicycle and its steering rod assembly leaving only the small pipe-like hole with bearings in it, while the rear part of the bicycle should be intact.

I can now fix the bicycle (whose front wheel and steering rod assembly were removed) to the rear of the stroller and make adjustments up or down depending on the position that would best level up the bicycle’s body or whichever is most convenient to the user considering her size and height.

Now I can imagine that I have assembled something that looks very much like the one in the picture above. I don’t really mind being the nagging husband if my wife’s body can still look like that of the young mother above. LOL.


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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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2 Responses to This do-it-all thing

  1. Just come over for a peek at your blog – so much to read I will have to drop by later for a longer browse – but this caught my eye – great way to solve a multitude of problems – I don’t have young children now but could cycle my whole weekly shop home and get fit at the same time!!


  2. maxim061156 says:

    Yeah right in there. Cycling can be whole lotta fun while you do the things that you can do with it like bringing along some stuff or passing things to the neighborhood. I mean a spacious carrier attach to it can be very useful. Thanks for peeping over and I feel obliged to visit your site too.


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