London Olympic Bloopers

The London Olympics is not without its witty side. Things do happen this way and more so in Olympic games where the best athletes of the world gather and square off for the medals.

Here in the Olympic games we know that no action is lacking the intensity and power required to merit a medal.

These bloopers acknowledge the fact that even the best of athletes are not free from human frailties and fallibilities. They will be human always and all the time. On many instances they would not even know that they can be the next laughing stock in the media circle.

What amazes me is not only the action itself but also the camera man who was at the right place at the right time and at the right angle. Given camera sophistications made possible by digital technology, there is not much action that cannot be reduced to pocket-sized memorabilias.

Now, let’s have a look at some of these Olympic bloopers captured in exact precision by the enduring hands and sights of the cameramen:

  1. 1.      A perfectly place Olympic logo creates googles on a Japanese athlete


  1. 2.      Australia’s Clayton Frederick lays near his horse as he feels down in an equestrian event


  1. 3.      Germany’s Markus Steuerward falls during their volleyball men’s group B match against the US


  1. 4.      Hannah Whelan of Great Britain falls on her landing in the women’s all-around gymnastics


  1. 5.      Moldir Azimbay of Kazakhstan falls during her floor exercise during the women’s gymnastics qualifying round


  1. 6.      Spains’ Alvaro Rodriguez falls during the 1500m round event


  1. 7.      Spain’s Pablo Amat (L) and Pakistan’s Muhammad Irfan fall during their men’s group A hockey match


  1. 8.      Taiwan’s Tai Tzu-yeng falls on the court during the women’s singles badminton match



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