US-Spain Vie for the Gold in the London Olympics Men’s Basketball


I would like to say it again: that the Spain-Russia match is just as interesting as the US-Argentina game in the semifinals and Spain and the US teams came out victorious.

A dramatic come-from-behind win for the Spanish team and the last quarter explosive shots for the Americans laced with 18 three-pointers are equally exciting and wonderful. And from my previous post I put forth the posit that if having more NBA players in a team is any advantage, the Spaniards are in the upper hand. And it went just that way. With seven NBA players in its team, this has obviously mattered for Spain.

Now we see a repeat of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And the outcome? Well, I will not delve on that yet. In basketball, as in any other ball games, there is a saying “the ball is round”, which could very well apply in this case.

Even if the US team had long made a statement for itself by routing the French team in the opening game and subduing their opponents in big scoring margins (except for Lithuania) one after the other, I wouldn’t say yet that the outcome of this basketball final game is predictable. On the other hand, over-confidence can destroy the NBA stars’ effectiveness and scoring – which might just be the same apprehension of its coach Mike Krzewski.

In fairness, I will not make any fearless forecast on this, lest I will spoil the excitement by preempting the result of this game. It is best to watch the game tomorrow and confirm everything we had in mind right now after the game is over.

I can’t hold though my favorite subjective perspective: that Olympic basketball will never be as exciting without the NBA stars.


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5 Responses to US-Spain Vie for the Gold in the London Olympics Men’s Basketball

  1. maxim061156 says:

    For the benefit of those who would like to see the games live on tv the first game between Russia and Argentina (for the bronze medal) is 6pm Philippine time and the US-Spain championship game is 10 pm tonight (Sunday evening).


  2. maxim_sense says:

    We are about 13 hours advance in the Philippines and so the game schedules are about 7am and 11am Sunday in the U.S.


  3. maxim_sense says:

    Russia won over Argentina 81-77 for the Olympic bronze medal.


  4. maxim_sense says:

    Team USA beat Spain 107-100 to win the gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics men’s basketball.


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