An Occasion to Remember Sec. Jesse Robredo – a Fraternity Brother

DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo

My wife (Jasmin Sultan Mosaid) was one of those profoundly grieving at the sudden demise of Brod Sec. Jesse Robredo. She is the Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO) of Kabacan, North Cotabato, one of the LGUs that the good Secretary visited (on Aug. 13, 2012) barely 5 days before he met his fate in that plane crash off Masbate island.

How can’t she be so affected? I told her to extend the fraternity handshake when she meets Sec. Jesse to confirm that he is a member of the APO Fraternity which Sec. Jesse accepted with a hug. My wife felt very privileged that of all municipalities in Region 12 it was Kabacan that got the nod of Sec. Jesse for a visit. She must be churning pink over the thought of meeting a fraternity brother Secretary – a rare encounter and privilege.

Then bad omen had its indication when she was looking for their pictures together with Brod Jesse and none of them came out!! OMG.! Had my wife sensed that bad omen she could have requested another shots from other cameras if only to keep a lasting souvenir out of that visit. Now she locked herself up in the room and I don’t want to disturb her. I know she’s weeping intensely and silently at such a great loss to the Filipino nation.

I would recall a facebook newsfeed from a fellow member of the Fraternity now based in the U.S.: An American was asking him over the phone about what had happened to an interior minister from the Philippines and what was the government doing. And the brod answered: “We are rescuing good governance.”

And what would be a better way to rescue good governance than to continue the unfinished job, or better still, unfulfilled dream of Sec. Jesse.

The dictum was always true that we would feel the utmost importance and value of somebody after he is gone. We never felt that more than how we are feeling it today. And we know it would be very difficult to part with that feeling.. not in the very near future. It is very difficult to forget a good man.

Sec. Robredo’s coffin inside Kalayaan Hall, Malacanang Palace, Manila

Our only consolation is that when God takes the soul of a good man, we are so sure that he is given a special place in heaven. Rest in peace Brother Jesse. The Good Lord took you in the prime of your life and during your best as a public servant because He wants us to remember you in the longest time possible and to continue to emulate your shining examples and selfless devotion to public service.

We can only hope that your bereaved family shall be consoled in the thought that they are not grieving alone. The entire Horton Clan and the Filipino nation empathize with them in their sorrow and grief.

We love you brother Jesse. May we always be.!

Thank you for making us proud to be Filipinos and members of the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity/Sorority.


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2 Responses to An Occasion to Remember Sec. Jesse Robredo – a Fraternity Brother

  1. maxim_sense says:

    We will never have enough of a good man. Who would have said “sana kunin ka na ni Lord” kasi isa kang mabuting tao, siguradong sa langit ang punta mo” (“May the Lord takes you now” because you are so good you will surely be in Paradise).


  2. maxim_sense says:

    With his voice cracking, Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas confirmed Tuesday morning that the body of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo was found at 8:15 a.m. Tuesday, 800 meters from the shore off Masbate.
    Roxas, in a briefing, said Robredo’s body was found at a depth of 180 feet inside the fuselage of the small Piper plane that crashed off Masbate Saturday afternoon.
    “‘Yung unang sumabak na mga tech divers ‘yung mga puti na nakita natin kahapon, si Matt at ang kanyang team na dalawang babae. At 8:15, kumpirmado na na ‘yung isa sa mga katawan ay ‘yung kay Sec. Jess Robredo,” Roxas said.
    Roxas said Robredo’s body was the first to be accessed by divers, as the body was nearest the door.
    “At roughly 8:30 or 8:40, yung bangkay ni Sec. Jess ay naiabot na sa surface at ito ay nilagay sa body bag at kinarga na sa barko ng Coast Guard. Ongoing pa rin ang operation for the other bodies in the fuselage,” he said in a press briefing on Tuesday. Roxas said the retrieval was complicated because of the position of the fuselage.
    “Fuselage, nakabaligtad kaya medyo kumplikado ang pag-retrieve dahil hindi nila masyadong ma-disturb ‘yung fuselage at baka mapunta sa mas malalim na lugar,” he said.
    “Jess has been underwater for more than two days now. Hindi basta bastang… the change in pressure and change in atmosphere is very complicated,” he said.
    Roxas added that retrieval operations continue for the two pilots and the fuselage.
    “Scuba tanks at iba pang pangangailangan ay pinapadala sa underwater para magpatuloy ‘yung retrieval operation,” Roxas said.
    “Tuloy po ang recovery operations… Hindi ito para kay Sec. Jess lang. The divers and the others are being deployed now to recover the others,” he said.
    “Sad as it is, we are now in search and recovery, retrieval,” Roxas added.
    He said the two pilots (pilot Jessup Bahinting and co-pilot Hshitiz Chand) were in the deepest part of the cockpit.
    “The airplane was inverted and in that configuration, the two pilots were in the deepest part of the cockpit,” Roxas said.
    PNoy, had the family informed about this latest development.
    “Nakausap ng Pangulo ang misis ni Sec. Jess and informed her about the development,” he said in the briefing, parts of which were aired on dzBB radio.
    Roxas said Aquino was “very quiet” when he was first informed about the development.
    He said Aquino sought “absolute confirmation” and gave instructions to call him back once the development was confirmed.
    “‘Yung kapatid ni Jess na si Kuya Butch ay nasabihan na rin, at dinadala siya kung saan ngayon ‘yung katawan,” Roxas said.
    In Naga City, dzBB’s Carlo Mateo said Jun Lavadia, a close friend of the Robredo family, was emotional upon learning of the development.
    The search for Robredo and the two pilots was on its fourth day Tuesday, after the Piper Seneca bearing Robredo and three others crashed off Masbate Saturday while en route from Cebu to Naga.
    Only Robredo’s aide, Senior Inspector Jun Abrasado, was rescued from the plane shortly after it crashed. –With a report from Carmela G. Lapeña/KG, GMA News


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