Facebooking at your convenience

With the immense popularity of the Facebook as a social networking medium, who wouldn’t do just this – to indulge in it in the longest time possible. And what about ‘energy drinks’ to bolster one’s staying power? Maybe a lot more of netizens are already doing that. NO to illegal drugs please. While some illegal drugs can fancy you to your staying power, I certainly abhor its use in here even if it makes you fly and land safely from up that coconut tree where you may be facebooking.

If only to sustain facebooking to greater heights, I should say, people have adopted creative ways to hold on to the social networking mania – Facebook, that is, by adopting the most convenient position when the flesh is weary but the spirit is still willing.

Facebook is the most popular social networking medium that is available in the internet today. In far second and third respectively are blogging and tweeter. Facebook has overtaken and almost wiped out Friendster, its closest rival in the beginning, in no time at all. No wonder why Mark Zuckerberg, its founder, has ranked among the elite club of young millionaires today and yet he was just a college dropout when his group started to conceptualize Facebook.


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of four co-founders of the social networking site Facebook (Source: Wikipedia)

Now Facebook is such a dominant word in every netizen’s home and threatens to upset even the workplace. This is why most business and office managers have adopted house rules on the use of computers and the internet to avoid a situation where Facebooking may significantly affect the workers’ productivity.


Despite the advice of experts such as physical therapists, neurologists, and orthopedics to adapt a proper sitting position when using the computer, the so-called netizens have defied them without any regard to it.

Some of the creative ways adopted by facebookers are the following:


Keep it on bro.. let’s morning the night to square off with facebook friends who refuse to sleep.

And this one is certainly the best position that guarantees safety when sleep finally overtakes you.


Still others would literally bring facebooking to greater heights like this one below who has managed to bring the laptop to his workplace. His workplace, though, does not guarantee lasting power for his laptop except when this is the solar-powered one that was flaunted to come out in the market soon.


And just as a newborn infant does not have to be taught how to suck his mother’s nipple, likewise a chick does not have to be taught how to facebook before it breaks out from the egg shell.


OMG!.. This crazy world is driving me crazy. I need to go facebooking now to regain my sanity. Right on fellows.


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