Texting and Blogging: Where do we (Filipinos) Stand?

The Philippines used to be tagged as the world’s texting capital, and (I think) still is – which goes without saying that the network providers had loved this reputation to a grin that stretches from ear to ear. But given the high incidence of traffic accidents attributed to texting, does it imply that we are also topnotcher on this one?

Driving while using mobile phone is prone to accident

Sending text messages from your mobile phone while driving is more dangerous than driving under the influence of liquor or drugs, a study by Britain’s Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) revealed.

The reaction time of people texting as they drove fell by 35 percent, while those who had consumed the legal limit of alcohol, or taken cannabis, fell by 21 percent and 12 percent respectively, according to the study. Drivers who are fond of texting were distracted by taking their hands off the wheel to use their phone by trying to read small text messages on the phone display and by thinking about how to write their messages.

Surprisingly though, we are not number one on this folly. We are a poor third behind the U.S. and Britain. Could this be due to lack of incidence of this kind reported or documented? It could be so. It could also be due to the fact that we had learned our lessons faster than other countries. And still another probability is that those responding to accidents of this kind as well as apprehending authorities don’t really mind to classify traffic accidents according to cause most of the time.

Well, the good thing is we (Filipinos) have graduated from one flair to another – from texting to the internet mania. But what about it? The internet offers a lot of buzz in friendster, facebook, myspace, hi5, blogging, etc. or the so-called ‘internetworking’ (short for internet social networking).

In Universal McCann’s study on social media, the Philippines had the highest penetration of social networking among internet users at 83.1 percent, compared with the global average of 57.5 percent. This is quite high, which means that we are getting further into becoming the most internet savvy or is it? Of course, being savvy is one thing and being the most number of users is another.

The Philippines also had the second highest incidence of blog-reading among Internet users at 90.3 percent. South Korea topped the blog readership list at 92.1 percent. The global average is 72.8 percent.

All over the world, including the Philippines and South Korea, personal blogs or diary blogs are the favorite reading fare. WordPress, one of two popular blog hosts, has listed 506,065 subscribers to-date that come out with an average of 1.1 million new posts everyday.

About 65.8 percent of Filipino Internet users write blogs, compared with China which topped the survey at 70.3 percent. Globally, 44.8 percent of Internet users blog, mostly about themselves.

No country can possibly beat China in terms of number of internet users given its 2 billion plus population. And coming in next is amazing if not mind-boggling.

It must be noted, though, that Internet penetration in the Philippines was relatively low—around 15 percent—compared to cell phone penetration of more than 60 percent – which means there’s definitely a lot of room for growth in the internet business in the country.

Universal McCann said its study indicated that blogs and social networks were becoming “mainstream” media and were a valid platform for spreading information.

With blogging and social networking media increasing by the day and online news outfits seemed stuck to their present number, it is not a remote possibility that readership can significantly shift to the ‘internetwork’ platform. In the final analysis, though, it is still quality content that rules.


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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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2 Responses to Texting and Blogging: Where do we (Filipinos) Stand?

  1. An interesting post as ever but I must confess if texting was down to me then it would sadly have died out even before it got going! I have lived most of my life without a mobile phone on hand and don’t feel the need to use one now – in fact I quite like to be unobtainable when I am away from my house and the landline. However, I do find the internet and blogging quite addictive and wonder how I have lived most of my life without it! (My better half would smile at this point and remind me of the time when I questioned what on earth we needed a computer for when he first suggested buying one a few years ago!!)


    • maxim_sense says:

      Exactly, I was similarly situated years back when my wife was insisting that we should have a mobile phone, until I realized the tremendous importance of this gadget when I was already into it. The mobile phone industry in this country was so successful that it had closed some landline telephone companies like RCPI, Bayantel and GLobelines (not the globe mobile phones). Only PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.) had managed to survive the mobile phone phenomenon by merging with two giant mobile phone companies (Smart and Mobiline).

      And then came this internet thing. Any potential additional spending for the family would find its way too hard for my approval. But when I was doing my doctoral dissertation in early 2000 it just happened that a computer was inevitable to have at that point. Then all four children of ours followed suit each with a laptop for their own respective thesis studies. I was just lucky enough that all four have graduated from college, three of them have suitable jobs and the youngest is into a new folly – online business.

      Now, we ended up with one PC, 5 laptops and two internet antennae. All of us were so addicted to the internet, facebook, and blogging (for me). My youngest child (only daughter) had conveniently taken advantage of this folly and now she has a thriving online boutique business. What else can I do but apportioned the bills to each one of them. I take care of the electric bills (the biggest), my three sons are responsible for the other bills (cable tv, water and internet). Oh my God! These expenses were unthinkable some few years back!

      You see, we can never expect how things would come until they are already happening.

      Thank you for visiting this blog and more especially for the nice generous comments. I have also followed your blog and enjoyed reading your posts.


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