Today (Nov. 20) is my Wife’s Birthday


Dear Sweetheart,

Today reminds me, not only of your birthday, but also the day that God brought to this world my soul-mate. I have watched you grow as a little girl (You are 7 years younger than me). Though we came from the same place, I’ve never known you better until I fall in love with you. You were then a nascent college freshman. I am sure you still recall when I wrote in pentel pen (a permanent marker) the sweet words I LOVE YOU under the skirt of your school uniform. That was what I had thought would perpetuate what I feel for you and remind you every time you wash your school uniform. That was a bit silly but they always say “all in love is fair”.

That school uniform had succumbed to the wear and tear of time long time ago. It has been lost to oblivion but since then I had transferred those three powerful words into my heart where they will stay and be nourished for as long as I live. Now that was quite a long while. Time had flown so fast. This December 22nd (2012) marks our 32 years of married life – 32 years of remarkable feat as husband and wife and more importantly as LOVERS; 32 years and LOVE was always fresh for us every time we celebrate our wedding anniversary. Through the years, I have seen how we have become better companions, friends and spouses.

I am always amazed by your complexities and simplicity. You are complex to me because your many moods always challenge me to be the better person I should be. You are simple because you are so easy to please. All my life I have been searching and striving how to love you best. And I will never stop doing that because I cannot thank you enough for choosing me to be your man.

Cupid has been so busy all his life making perfect matches. I think he has been on trial and error in so many others. But no, Cupid had no chance trying us. We have been the perfect and ideal match since the day I courted you and you gave me so much respect and importance. These respect and importance we accord each other have been what are keeping us through together. I don’t feel like we are giving so much effort at it because we find each other so easy to admire, adore and love. This relationship has been of great consequences to us.

I always tell you that the woman I so love is my friend, home buddy, best companion wherever I go, mother of my children and my wife.

I am never complete without you.

Happy, happy birthday sweetheart!

With all my love,

maxim sense


About Maxim Sense

I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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4 Responses to Today (Nov. 20) is my Wife’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Mrs ‘Maxim’ – hope you have a good day together.


  2. I was blessed to with my parents beautiful example of love growing up, and am blessed today with my own amazing relationship with my husband, my best friend. May God bless your love as well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful love story.


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