In the Shoes of the Possessed

I left a footnote in my previous post “In the Shoes of the Exorcist” promising to come up with part 2 thereof, hence this post. However, since I am relating everything for and on behalf of the possessed, I will speak in the first person  –  which is actually “Yanny”, the possessed, speaking here in her normal self.


I had been possessed three times (the latest was on Nov. 1) by I don’t know what. Spirit of the dead? Demons? Or those mischievous little beings (dwarfs) that lived in the earth moles? I don’t have the same ‘visitors’ every time, but I had them each time in that order.

My first experience was in my sister’s boarding house about three months ago. We were having a good time and I was laughing and giggling much more than usual. I imagined they had come at the height of my laughing fit, because it was then when I felt my feet becoming cold and cramped. The cramping crept slowly up and when I felt it was already half way through me, I started to shout, and to cry for help. I knew my visitor had subdued me when I felt completely consumed by the coldness and the cramping, and since then had taken control of everything I was saying and doing.

In the first possession, it was a spirit of the dead that had possessed me. I recognized it to be that of a relative and he was blaming me all throughout for not attending his wake. I was watching him in awe and fear as he did most of the talking, sometimes threatening to take me away.

My classmates and friends, most of them are non-Muslims, could not understand what I was saying. Throughout the ordeal, I was speaking the ethnic dialect of that dead person. My classmates and friends were holding me down as they feared I would jump out of the window.

Since the place was a boarding house for both professional employees and students, more and more people had gathered by then, but quite unfortunately, nobody from the crowd had any idea about exorcism. My ‘visitor’ felt somewhat intimidated as the crowd got bigger and bigger and so eventually (but only after more than an hour), he just leapt away but made a promise to return.


The second experience happened in a mountain resort by the lake. I was with a delegation of ‘Sangguniang Kabataan’ (Youth Council) members and we were on a seminar in that place. I was again my usual self, giggling and laughing at the lecturer’s jokes.

Then, without warning, I felt a cold wind buffeting me. A tall dark giant suddenly appeared and looked sharply at me. I could see he was mad at me for disturbing his place and he threatened to toss me into the lake. I shouted and asked for help as the giant began pulling me towards the water.

My companions (all members of the Youth Council) had surrounded me. Some of them started pulling me down as I was forcing my way out, some were praying and others were guiding my hands to hold onto beads of rosaries. I broke all the rosaries and I was shouting at those who were praying over me.

Then an old man from the ethnic tribe in the area arrived. He was fetched by the resort management as he was well known as an expert exorcist. I was not the first victim of possession in that resort, I have been told – something that has affected the resort’s business as prospective tourists are now staying away.

The old man requested that he be left alone with me while the other members of the Youth Council were looking from about three to four meters away from us. I don’t know what exactly happened but I felt the giant had somehow been tamed by the sight of the old tribesman. After a few rituals I started to feel better although I was still a little tired and damp from perspiration. The whole ordeal lasted for almost four hours – so far, the longest among my three possessions.


The third experience was partly told in “In the Shoes of the Exorcist” (previously posted in this blog). It was then a little past 7 o’clock in the evening and only a few of us had not eaten their meal. Just to refresh your memory of the place: It was a private cemetery with about ten tombs in it. There were big and old trees everywhere.

The brother of my maternal grandfather was yelling at some small children to keep their voices down as the “kanduli” – a local ritual for the dead – was about to begin. I felt that I had to assist him and I also started shouting at the small children. I did this repeatedly to take my mind away from the coldness and cramping I could feel climbing up my feet. I knew I was on the verge of being possessed again. This time I saw a throng of tiny creatures marching towards me and yelling. At first I thought it was just the children hitting back but as they were beginning to subdue me I started shouting for help and that’s about all I can recall before I completely lost consciousness.

Occasionally, I would regain myself. And as if to beguile the people praying over me, these tiny creatures would stay silent for a while, albeit with mischievous smiles. And just when everybody seemed to be off-guard they would rush on me with all their might and pull me away towards a body of black water.

As some people, led by the author of this blog, were praying over me, these tiny creatures would behave for a while and would strike again to pull me away but my mother and this author’s wife kept holding me down as tightly as they could.

It went on like this for two hours until they just succumbed to the will power of the people around who never budged an inch in their effort to drive those tiny mischievous creatures away.

Thanks to the will power of the people around me, especially to the author of this blog, who played the chief exorcist for me.


Since the third possession, Yanny has been consulting an expert exorcist – a lady in her mid 30s who was believed to have an invisible twin with powers against the demon and other unseen creatures. She has been known since she was merely five years old to have this extra-ordinary ability to heal the possessed and even those with mild mental disorders.

On advice of the exorcist Yanny visits her regularly. She was trying to shield Yanny from yet another possession so they will not disturb her again.


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