tetris game

If anything tetris had taught me, it was that errors pile up to scare you and accomplishments disappear as soon as they are noticed.

Yes. In my younger days, when DOS (disk operating system) was a fad for computers of the early 1980s, one of the popular games I had known was tetris. The DOS era was terrible if I am to compare it with the windows-based operating systems today. That was the time when one has to memorize commands and formulae to do what one should only click on Windows today. That was the time when Windows-based operating system was not even in the figment of the imagination of those geniuses hired by Mr. Bill Gates.

I love Tetris so much then which was understandable when you know that it was the only computer game I knew how to play (until now, it is the only one), aside from the fact that I am not interested in today’s more complicated computer games such as ‘counter strike’, ‘god’s war’, ‘DOTA’ (defense of the ancients), etc.

My madness for tetris was so mad that I had considered meals as just snacks that can be lived without, but not tetris – the main course in the day’s gaming menu. My two boys, and I would think of them as DOTA geniuses (mild term for addicts), also abhor it now when I remind them to take their meals. Oh, madness begets madness.

How mad and crazy that was. I was so addicted to it that I had organized a tetris club to make sure that other people were just as crazy as me. It was easy to spread foolish things, mind you. It was not surprising indeed that I was elected President, the only Club I had the chance to become the top official as far as I can remember.

We had group games on weekends which usually served as practice sessions in preparation for the monthly tournaments with other equally, if not more, crazy tetris clubs.

The game, as you might know too (and who doesn’t if you were born ahead of the DOS era), was a game of reflexes and agility – which were actually the problem of older players compared to the much younger ones. As a result, I never became the champion in any of the tournaments.

Another lesson that tetris taught me 🙂 .

In reality, life is just like tetris. You have to be agile and smart to live through the rough tetrominoes (problems that come your way) and manipulate them to your advantage so that they become perfect fitted lines. Once they form the line that you desire, you slide through them quite easily and they just disappear as you move on with life.

Tetris is still around and is more amazing to play now with windows-based operating systems but I had grown weary with it as other barmy stuff had come my way.

I will just play life like tetris and teach people about it. Like playing tetris, we are so afraid of errors because people tend to notice them more easily and worst, they tend to define your person with those missteps. The good in us is hardly noticed, and if ever, it is forgotten too soon just like the shooting star that disappears in a flash.

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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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2 Responses to Tetris

  1. maxim sense says:

    Tetris is that computer building block game in which falling tetrominoes must be manipulated or positioned by the player to fit into the corresponding space to form complete lines. All completed lines disappear thus creating more space for the player. Uncompleted lines build up until there is no more space and the game will be over.


  2. I LOVE Tetris! Used to play it all the time! I too prefer it to the new computer games – simpler, easy to get into, fun 🙂


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