Time Magazine Picks Top Ten Techno Gadget of 2012

Time Magazine has chosen the iPhone 5 as the tech gadget of the year, praising its seamless fusion of hardware, software and services and claiming that the Apple smartphone still has no competition.


The biggest surprise in Time’s annual list of the year’s top 10 gadgets is that Samsung’s Galaxy SIII is nowhere to be seen, although the publication does put the South Korean company’s phablet, the Galaxy Note II, in eighth place referring to the device as the “anti-iPhone” (sounds like Time Mag is a stockholder in Apple).

The iPhone was one of two Apple products to make the top 10, the other being its 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, which came in sixth, one place above the Microsoft Surface RT. Of Microsoft’s first venture into the hardware market, Time said: “[The Surface is] one of the sleekest, most ambitious devices ever to run Windows. The magnesium case looks and feels good and the integrated kickstand is beautifully done.”

The magazine named the Nintendo Wii U as the second best gadget of the year and the top three was rounded out by Sony’s Cyber-shot RX100 digital camera.

Time’s top 10 gadgets of 2012:                                                                                   (sourced from Yahoo! Philippines blog corner).

1 Apple iPhone 5
2 Nintendo Wii U
3. Sony Cyber-shot RX100
4. Raspberry Pi Model B
5. Lytro camera
6. Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display
7. Microsoft Surface with Windows RT
8. Samsung Galaxy Note II
9. Nest smart thermostat
10. Simple.TV

It’s nice to peep over technosphere sometimes. Who among us is not a tech gadget addict somehow! Do you agree with Time’s top ten?


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2 Responses to Time Magazine Picks Top Ten Techno Gadget of 2012

  1. liquidzombie says:

    Man, the iPhone 5 isn’t even and different from 4 or 4s. Just 1 more inch on the display. Complete waste of money.


    • maxim sense says:

      You’re so right. Nothing amazingly new in there. I had a penchant for Samsung’s Galaxy Camera with iPhone. My wife bought one, ordered all the way from London and costs her US$150 more for the shipment and handling fees. Just arrived yesterday and it means so much the world for her 🙂


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