Hi-Tech Gadgets to Watch for in 2013

Yes, the world didn’t end after all. No, really, it didn’t. And trust me: even if you didn’t get that iPhone 5 this Christmas, or someone you had expected to give it to you as a Christmas present failed to do it, that doesn’t mean it was the end of the world for you. The year 2013 has so much in store for you with respect to hi-tech gadgets.

Take a cue from me. I really had a penchant for hi-tech gadgets but I am sorry to admit that I never had one. I had bought my wife the latest Samsung Galaxy camera phone (back monitor is also a smartphone) ordered all the way from London which cost me additional US$150 for the shipment and tax.


Honestly that amount (shipment and tax cost alone) could have already bought me a modest smartphone here (made in China). What an opportunity I had missed. But my regrettable fate seems to have been my wife’s providence! Do you consider me lucky still? I so much felt I am, considering that I am a very loving husband (or at least I’d like to think I am).

A little seriously, if the world stays as it is, then 2013 is going to be a year for new trends, gadgets and some really cool gizmos. With every passing year, new technological advancements are made and the market is flooded with latest hi-tech gadgets that range from smartphones to computer tablets, from laptops to video games to flat screen and thinner television sets. And of course the iPhone 5 is there to stay despite the fact that it has not pulled enough surprises to match the long wait for its arrival in the market.

Let us take a look at the upcoming new hi-tech gadgets in 2013.

1. Fujitsu Lifebook 2013:


This technological advancement fuses the best of every popular device in to one. It features multitude of devices: a tablet, phone, high power digital camera and laptop. The concept of Fujitsu Lifebook is to allot different slots for phone, digital camera and tablet for all of them to work as a super device.

2. Xbox 720:


Releasing somewhere in 2013, Xbox 720 will offer an excellent value for money package with powerful hardware specs and arguably the best-in-class gaming library. Reports suggest that this upcoming gaming console will be as much as ten times more powerful than its predecessor. The superb graphics are done by AMD.

3. MWE Emperor 200 PC Work Station:


Emperor 200 is the future of work stations. This incredibly designed computer workstation stands distinguished for its exclusive features. Equipped with features like touch screen control center, air filtering system, LED backlit LCD screen and electrically powered leather seat, this sophisticated workstation has enhanced the online experience by multiple times. Whether you want to execute a professional task or indulge yourself in to some hard core gaming, Emperor 200 enables almost everything with comfort and sharpness.

4. Google TV:


Christened as “Google LG Smart TV”, this latest gadget will be available in US in two undisclosed range types. The Google Smart TV will combine the Smart Technology of LG with Google’s android apps and powered user interface to give user a magical experience. The innovative remote will give users in-depth control, where users can perform multiple functions at the same time.

5. Basis Band

Many of us must have heard about pedometers, heart rate monitors and other hi-tech gadgets in the health industry. The year 2013 will introduce more advanced and useful health care gadgets called the Basis Bands. Basis Band is a complete health monitor that can monitor vital activities of your body, such as heart rate, pulse rate, calories burned, sleeping patterns and several other activities. It is worn around the wrist as a watch. (Source: beautifullist.com)

Now, who is sad that the Mayans miscalculated the end of the world?

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