OMG! Less than One Month After the Newtown School Shooting Rampage, Here is Another One!

mafia with gunOne more day of inaction and US authorities shall be overtaken by several other senseless killings. I thought the US has been there, done that. How many more deaths are required to push them to act with mettle and meat?

I refuse to entertain my silly speculation that they are helpless. But if we don’t see any concrete action that will ensure safety of life, limbs and liberty, I don’t give a damn comment anymore if next time around we see some people are arming themselves. I read that some teachers are considering this, or are they already into it?

Oh No. This is not the wild, wild west anymore.

At least one student was shot when a classmate opened fire at a high school in California on Thursday (Jan. 10).

The shooting occurred in the science building at Taft Union High School in Taft, Calif., at approximately 9 a.m. local time, a Kern County Sheriff’s official said.

The suspected shooter—a 16-year-old male student at the school—did not show up for the start of first period, police say. He entered the school with a 12-gauge shotgun and interrupted his first-period class, shooting one student police say he was targeting.

The victim, also 16, was airlifted to Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, Calif., with a shotgun wound to the upper right chest. He’s in critical but stable condition.

The gunman then called a second student’s name in the 28-person class and fired again, but missed, Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said. A teacher and a campus supervisor engaged the shooter in conversation inside the classroom, school officials said, and were able to persuade him to put down the shotgun. The shooter was then taken into police custody.

The teacher was treated at the scene for a pellet wound to the head. (It’s unclear whether the wound was from birdshot, Youngblood said.) Another student who was near the shotgun when it was fired was taken to a local hospital, where she was treated for hearing loss.

According to the school’s website, “two campus supervisors and a Kern County Sheriff monitor the campus before, during, and after school.” But officials said the armed officer who is normally on campus was “snowed in” and not on duty at the time of the shooting. (Source: Yahoo! News Phil.)

The shootings came less than a month after 26 people, including 20 children, were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history. The massacre led to calls for reforms to the country’s gun laws.

This could yet be another big challenge to Americans’ right to bear arms. And bear arms, they must, if this remains unabated soon enough.

Oh, the wild, wild west.

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5 Responses to OMG! Less than One Month After the Newtown School Shooting Rampage, Here is Another One!

  1. Colline says:

    While people mutter words about their rights, innocent people are losing their lives. To calm this “wild west” serious action needs to be taken. Will it be done? I have my doubts when people focus on what are irrelevant issues. One needs to focus on the cause of what inspires these young people to shoot their classmates.


  2. Maxim Sense says:

    Well said. Laws, though, are one thing; implementation and compliance are yet another thing. And add to that the attitude of people. I trust the Americans to solve the American problem. I still believe in the American Dream.

    But somehow we are expecting for some drastic moves that will change the entire landscape. As it appears now and as it has been, it is so easy to own a gun in the US; it is so easy to kill people there.


  3. Bill Hayes says:

    I think you will find that the 100,000 refers not to new gun ownership, but gun sales – mostly to exisitng gun owners. They won’t ever be able to ourklaw guns in the USA, they have over 270,000,000 in circulation. But they can try and restrict the nature of the weapons. When the constituion was written in the 1700’s the founding fathers didn’t mean that people should carry sophisticated weapons of war like assauklt rifles and magazines with over 100 rounds.

    Let’s hope they see sense soon. 😉


    • Maxim Sense says:

      Exactly, what I was thinking along in my previous post related to this was to implement selective gun ownership (assuming that a total gun ban is next o impossible) and I would add to that, limited number of rounds of ammos be sold to civilians (one sure way of preventing too many killings by a single maniacal murderer) too.

      Thank you Bill for taking time for this comment. I love this visit.


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