Who Will Emerge Champion in the 2013 Australian Open?

Looking back at the stats in 2012, the professional world of tennis has been always dominated by the top four or what I would rather call the ‘Big Four’ of modern tennis. They are: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray.


The year 2012 was a nice change of pace in the men’s game. It marked the first time since 2003 where four different champions were crowned at the Grand Slams and thus there was no complete domination of one player.

We saw the signs of 2011 with Novak Djokovic’s defense of Australia and Miami, the return of the king of clay, Rafael Nadal, reclaiming Monte Carlo and Rome titles, Roger Federer becoming a Wimbledon champ again and Andy Murray denying Federer a gold medal in the London Olympics plus Murray winning his maiden Grand Slam title (US Open).

Unfortunately, though, Rafael Nadal will not see action in this tournament as he is still recuperating from an illness with stomach virus. In his place, I would put a fellow Spaniard, David Ferrer, who is currently ranked no. 4.

Overall, each man has had a season to remember, but I do not intent to compare them for the entire season last year because one year may not truly speak about each one of them with respect to their performance.

From among the women, the hottest players are: Victoria Azarenka, ranked no. 1 player at the 2012 WTA Championships. Victoria won the Australian Open in 2012. She is followed by Maria Sharapova ranked no. 2 women’s player. Maria won the 2012 French Open to complete a career Grand Slam.

Serena Williams, who won Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in 2012, is ranked no. 3. Agnes Radwanska is ranked no. 4 at the WTA Championships this year.

From what we have seen last year, it will most certainly be correct to say that anyone of the top four men and women players may claim the Australian Open title this year but quite hard to tell who among them will make it. This makes it fair for anyone to make a good guess of who will emerge champion in the grand slam opener of 2013.

Care to make a guess? Please cast your vote below:

guess who


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3 Responses to Who Will Emerge Champion in the 2013 Australian Open?

  1. Maxim Sense says:

    Thank you littlemiswordy. You are very prompt in liking my posts, as always. I guess you voted for Federer and Sharapova 🙂 Well, they are strong contenders too.


  2. Maxim Sense says:

    Of course, you are not. How were you able to get the correct answer to the first question when the player was not familiar to you? Djokovic and Sharapova – your choices to win this tournament – are strong contenders. Sharapova is one of the few starters that had not lost a set as of this time (Day 2, 4pm). I am not decided between Azarenka and Williams. Both are very aggressive players. It will depend to a great extent on their physical and mental conditioning. Tennis, though very physical, is also a mind game.


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