My Two-Year Old Grand-Daughter Taught Me New Shortcut on the Keyboard

For those who had not yet experienced having an ‘apo’ (grandchild), let me tell you that probably the ‘apo’ is most naughty at age two. My ‘apo’ turned two last April 5.

What would best describe a two-year old child? “At this age,” child psychologists say, “you can expect your child to put on clothing, brush her teeth with help, stack 4 to 6 blocks, combine words, know more than 50 words, use pronouns (I, me, you, mine), follow two-step commands, know her body parts, walk up steps, kick a ball, jump up, throw a ball overhead, and her speech should be half understandable.”

All true. And maybe it should be added that a two-year old at this stage is very inquisitive, quite daring and would tinker on anything within her reach. Example: my ‘apo’ would try to place her fingers into a rotating electric fan, slap me when I don’t listen to what she says or don’t understand what she wants, would beg to sit on my lap when I tinker on with my laptop, asks money from me to buy something in the nearby sari-sari (variety) store, would tend to go with anyone who gets out of the house, repeats the last word she hears from you, etc.. etc.!

Her favorite, however, whenever I leave my laptop on and go somewhere else, is to press the restart key and there goes everything that I had left for the computer to do – mostly downloading some important files from the internet.

One time, as I was making some comments to a blog post, I left the laptop to give way to a personal necessity at the comfort room. She must have celebrated at the sight of being alone and absolutely free to do what she wants with the laptop.

When I went back to resume my unfinished work with the computer, I found out that it was logged out. “No problem,” I said, “I can easily restart the computer and do a little fixing but no files would be affected; nothing to worry..”

Then everything was fixed and soon I was back to making my unfinished comments on a blog post. Then, I found out that almost half of the letters on the right side of the keyboard have malfunctioned, as in when you press the letter “M” a “0” would appear, letter “J” gives “1”, Letter “K” gives “2”, L for 3 and so on and so forth.

I had complained to her parents to inform them that their child had done something wrong with the computer and most of the letters on the right side of the keyboard had malfunctioned. The father asked me what could be done. I told him it is not easy to repair a laptop. I had talked to a ‘technician’ before and he told me that they were not quite familiar with opening or dis-assembling the kind of laptop I have. The best that could be done, I said, is to buy an external keyboard that can be connected to the USB port.

I left the computer with a bit of frustration, though there is no way that I should get mad with my ‘apo’. She could be the worst human being on earth but she will still be the best for me. That’s how ‘apos’ get pampered by grandparents – something that woes most, if not all, apo’s parents more often or all the time. When I was in their shoes I would murmur like “kaya nga hindi na naniniwala sa amin ang mga bata e dahil ini-spoil ninyo” (That is why the children would no longer respect us because you were spoiling them. I would address these to my parents-in-law, though I could only do that discreetly in my mind when I was alone).

As usual, my son, my apo’s father, would try to do something to explore for himself how the problem might get fixed by himself, either accidentally maybe or through some kind of ingenuity or trial and error, whatever! At last he had discovered that pressing the “function” and “numlock” keys at the same time had fixed the problem. And then everything that had malfunctioned on the right side of the keyboard is now in order. As if nothing wrong had happened. It was just that easy.

Back to my ‘apo’. I was trying hard to imagine how a two-year old might have happened to accidentally press together the two keys: the “function” key is located on the lower left portion of the keyboard and the “numlock” key is located near the upper right hand corner.

Now, I was acting like a police SOCO (scene of the crime operative) trying to figure out every detail of how everything could have possibly happened. Now, I was acting like an undercover agent trying to get down to the smallest details of everything at the ‘crime scene’! Aaahh, she might had placed her left hand on the lower left hand corner of the keyboard (pressing the function key) to balance herself while she was reaching out for the restart button. And then she must have missed it and instead pressed the “numlock” key. OK, there, I got it.

Amazingly, my ‘apo’ just taught me a new short-cut on the keyboard. Pressing the “function” and “numlock” keys simultaneously makes the adjacent letters on the right side of the keyboard function like a separate numeric keypad.. Hehehe.. Thanks dear ‘apo’. Your being naughty, or let me just call it ‘adventurism’ and ‘inquisitiveness’, taught me something new and very important this time.

Now, I am not afraid that every computer-literate had a glimpse at my ignorance. Lucky is the ignorant for he is open to new learning.

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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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7 Responses to My Two-Year Old Grand-Daughter Taught Me New Shortcut on the Keyboard

  1. sspjlife56 says:

    the saying is we are never too old to learn anything, especially by a two year old!! LOL


  2. I am starting to believe kids are born with technology in their blood. By 2, my niece was starting the computer and clicking on icons. She knows her rights to touch it will be revoke if she ever damages anything. At 3, she was operating an iPhone. Now 5, she opens tabs, uses bookmarks and navigates between pages, closes them and shuts down the computer properly when she is done. For kicks, her grandma (my mom) sat next to her and acted like she needed a lesson. She showed her. I was impressed.


    • Maxim Sense says:

      Haha.. so nice to hear this from you Nadeen. I think today’s generation are just preparing themselves for the influx of modern technology. We were never like this in our time. We were not even allowed to go near a typewriter and restricted (as in we have a schedule) from watching the black and white television set.

      Thank you for the visit.


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