» Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

“In the Background: The places that we pass through day after day, or even once in a lifetime, leave in their small way, echoes and traces of themselves upon us. But so often when taking self portraits or pictures of friends, the places themselves become a soft blurred mush of indistinct semi-nothingness, the limelight stolen by our smiling faces. In today’s challenge, let’s turn the tables. Take a picture of yourself or someone else as a shadow, a reflection, or a lesser part of a scene, making the background, or — as in the example above — the foreground, the center of attention.”

pick“In a new post created for this challenge, share a picture that says In the Background.”

I’m looking forward to seeing you all but disappear into the moments you capture.” – Pick


Thank you, Pick. Once again, this new theme challenges our creativity and imagination as well as our knack at photography.

Here, in my entry below and even without any caption, I was clearly the background. Me, differently colored (LOL), and in between my two grand-daughters, aged 11 months and 6 months (I am sure you will be able to tell right away who’s 11 and 6 from their looks) would simply look less interesting, if not less captivating, than the two toddlers here.

More than being my angels and inspiration, they also help me get through a lot of life’s patched quilts and move on.

Thank you dear ‘apos’ (grand-children):

(Their birthdays: June 23, 2012; November 6, 2012)

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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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4 Responses to » Weekly Photo Challenge: In the Background

  1. Very cute! 🙂 Enjoy them.



  2. sheryloben says:

    Your apos are so adorable! 🙂


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