How You May Help Prevent Cruelty to Animals

(This post was a little late for the month of April – the month for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, but nonetheless, it was never late for the message it hopes to bring about to our consciousness. Animals are such helpless being that deserve man’s protection from some heartless, abusive and unmindful fellow human beings who inflict at will pain and torture to animals. It was me who was rather late in my reactions. Why did this awareness come to me only after my pet dog was the victim of this cruelty last month? First, my pet dog was poured on with boiling water. After a few months when the poor animal’s skin was starting to regenerate, it was intentionally run over by a truck driver . I’ve seen how it happened as we were both crossing the national highway. My pet dog loves to accompany me when buying something at the nearby grocery store on the other side of the road ).

Did you know that April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month? I admit I didn’t know this until I saw this on the internet.

stop cruelty to animalsImmediately, I clicked on to find out what it said was ” 10 Ways to Prevent Cruelty to Animals”. Unfortunately I didn’t find any of the ten ways – which was blessing in disguise because it made me think like “hmmm.. let me try to identify 10 ways on my own”. And here’s what I have:

1. Start it with yourself. The best way to teach is to do it yourself. Lead by example is what was always said.

2. If you have the time (if there is none, create it) it would be best to organize a club for this purpose if there is none in your neighborhood. How do you know your neighbors might just like the advocacy until you are sitting down and discussing things with them.

3. Post your PCA (prevention of cruelty to animals) activities on billboards and social networks. This will create multiplier and make other people aware and show concern.

4. Gather some friends and include the PCA topics in your conversations. Tell them to do the same until it spreads using the inverted pyramid concept used by marketing networks.

5. Organize a fund-raising campaign or solicit small donations and tell them that they will get free stickers of your PCA activities.

6. Volunteer yourself as speaker in public gatherings or community assemblies.

7. Send emails to your contacts and tell them to forward the same to their respective contacts.

8. Search the internet and post some dramatic PCA stories on your social network timeline. This will certainly awaken the consciousness of your friends; then invite them to get involve in your advocacy.

9. Get to know your local political leaders and convince them to include PCA into their political agenda. This may be a new and interesting issue that they can advocate to entice voters to their side.

10. Finally, get in touch with bigger PCA organizations and solicit their support. They are too willing to help you in terms of sending speakers, strengthening your advocacy and providing funding support.

Now, I say it again. I didn’t find the “10 ways” as suggested in the link I was led to. And this is why I had my own 10 ways to minimize, if not totally prevent, cruelty to animals. This is most cruel. Imagine some of these that will really flex you to grind your teeth in dismay, frustration and anger: a cat or dog was burned by someone throwing boiling water at them; a dog’s tail or foot was cut by someone who claims the animal stole something from his dining table; several cats were tied, placed inside a bag and thrown into the river because they keep pestering a neighbor when they are hungry, etc.


Imagine all these things happening to a helpless, defenseless and innocent animal who probably does not know what is going to happen to it until it happened!

Animals are also very capable of loving. It was said that a dog is man’s most loyal friend.

I miss my pet dog which we fondly call “bantatay” (coined Filipino words for bantay and tatay which mean watcher and father respectively). These animals are also endowed with senses of feeling, smelling, seeing and hearing except that they can’t talk to express themselves.

Somebody should speak for them.

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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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