My Sharing with Terry (Part 2)

My (our) friend Terry Shepherd, I think, is facing the most trying times in her life now as she manages to do everything she could to make life for her brother Al a little comfortable in the way she could or at least make it more tolerable for him.

I always feel that for her and from the best I could guess Terry is a wonderful person in general and a sister in particular. In one of her posts “What would you do?”, she was clearly asking for our best opinions on her situation to which I gave one small piece of enlightenment. I told her: “the best years in Al’s life is his remaining years with you; make the best out of it in the way you could or how Al would like it if he was not mentally challenged”. I knew that, that won’t be easy for Terry but she needs our comforting words more now than on any other time.

I came across one of our chats, that was yet March 7 of this year, and I am sharing this with her and the world. For whatever it is worth I know Terry needs anything that somehow makes her life with Al as comforting as possible. I am also very certain that even for the feeling alone that we are there for her already makes Terry comforted, and more importantly feel, loved.

Here was that private chat with Terry on March 7 this year.

Maxim Sense

Good morning from my part of the world, my friend. You’ve been quite active in your blog recently. I hope it’s an indication that you’re just as fine as everyone else.

Terry Shepherd

I am doing really good today Maxim, thank you. I think my brother will be coming back home and he will be going to a day program through the week days. This will enable him to be with people his own age and with disabilities.

Maxim Sense

Wow.. this is a pleasant surprise. You must be a very happy sister now. Now I know what keeps your blog and facebook brimming with life by how your posts are coming out. I am so glad to hear that my friend.!

Terry Shepherd

Thank you! I am not 100% positive but it was told to me it will most likely happen. Thanks for caring my friend!!!

It is so nice to be able to chat with you on here instead of hoping you see what I write at some point…

Maxim Sense

Yeah Terry; thank you too. I had thought of getting in touch with you more directly and personal through this chat. Let’s pray that that is going to happen. You see, how I told you before, the wheel of life does not stop while you are down under, and I guess it’s starting to show right now.

Terry Shepherd

You are so right, the more down I was the more I prayed.

Maxim Sense

I am a firm believer in prayers too. The Good Lord answers all prayers. Sometimes, He makes the answer known to us, but most of the time He doesn’t. Do you know why? Because, God doesn’t want us to stop praying.

Terry Shepherd

I never looked at it like this but you are exactly right!!!! I sometimes think I pray too much and he may think I don’t trust him but the truth is I would rather pray than make myself sick with worry.

Maxim Sense

You have the right attitude, Terry. You deserve to be happy.

Terry Shepherd

We all do!!! Have a good day Maxim and thanks for chatting with me. Sorry I wasn’t responding right away. I was cleaning the computer.

Maxim Sense

It’s okay, Terry. Thank you too. Catch you some other time. Good day.

Terry Shepherd

Hugs my friend.

Maxim Sense

My hugs for you too.


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3 Responses to My Sharing with Terry (Part 2)

  1. Terry says:

    Thank you so much my dear friend. You have been a blessing in my life since the day I met you.


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