First Love and First Kiss: They were Never Too Easy to Forget

I was just whiling away time one lazy afternoon till I thought of going to the tennis court and find playmates but the weather has been getting unpredictable these days. While I was preparing to dump some extra shirts, wrist bands, towel, mineral water, balls and my racket into the tennis bag there was a sudden downpour. What else would be the next best thing to do other than bath in the rain. Yes, believe it or not, the child in me still loves to play under the rain and while I was so tempted to run around with only a brief on, the adult in me admonished that it’s not quite proper to do so considering the somewhat conservative neighborhood where I live. But who cares? I have all the right to reclaim my childhood! Okay, maybe I should not insist on this one this time!

After that cold bath in the rain and now wearing thick clothing to keep me warm, and nothing else to do, I thought now is the best time to face the computer one-on-one. My usual routine on cyberspace is as follows: browse Yahoo for some interesting news; open my blog and the reader to see those that I am following; peep at Facebook and find some interesting threads I can like and comment on; and, check my emails. Local news, Google search, Youtube, and other websites come next when there is extra time.

I was enjoying hopping from one site to another when these two questions popped up in my mind: 1) At what age did you feel in love for the first time? 2) When and where were you when you had that first kiss?

Interesting, isn’t it? But let me say your first love may not be your first kiss as was the case with me.

First Love


I was first year in high school when my maternal uncle introduced me to his beautiful cousin about my age too (we have no relation; how did that happen? He is my mother’s half-brother). After the introduction, my uncle left the two of us underneath an avocado tree. He was signaling me to court his cousin. I saw that she was attractive and beautiful but all I had uttered were “hi”, “how are you”, and “what’s your name?” No other words after that would come out of my mouth. My extremities were getting cold and my entire body was shaking. If these were signs of falling in love then I was. I could sense that she was attracted to me too.

After some time my uncle came back and asked me within hearing distance of the girl if I had uttered anything. I said I had not started on anything. I don’t want to embarrass the two of us. We were so shy even to look at each other in the face.

When my uncle was about to leave for the second time he said, with greater emphasis this time: “be sure there is evidence you can show me that she had accepted your courting her”. And I said, “I’ll try”, even as my extremities were still feeling cold and my body was shaking again. With all the courage I can muster I tried to move closer to her. I was deeply thinking what evidence I can possibly have to show my uncle. I saw that she was holding a white handkerchief. Slowly and gently I said: “sweet, can I please have your hanky?” And she said, “why, what for?” “I will have to show this to your cousin as evidence that you don’t disapprove of this courtship; can I please?” She did not utter a word and turned 180 degrees instead. I knew she had put additional perfume on the hanky before she handed it to me. “Do we have a mutual feeling for each other now?” I asked. And she slowly nodded in affirmation.

Now you know I fall in love for the first time when I was thirteen years old.

First Kiss


 I had my first kiss when I was in my senior year in high school. There was this classmate of mine, who, every time our group of friends would go out somewhere for what we would call “gimmick”, will be left without a partner or boyfriend. The rest of the gang has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Incidentally, I had no girlfriend too. And so the two of us became easy prey for all their teasings and jokes. They insisted that the two of us should become lovers as soon as possible.

One time we attended a night party with the same group of friends. The house where the party was being held has a low basement, meaning- when you stand up from the basement you can press your ears on the floor above your head and listen to what is going on up there.

As it was getting late into the night, the dancing had slowly dwindled down till the sound of music faded away too. Most members of the group preferred to stay outside the house or at the lawn and as usual they scattered in pair. Each couple had settled on a spot where there was little or poorly lit, if at all.  The two of us were left in a corner of the dance hall. We were quite comfortable chattering and guessing what each couple could be possibly doing. Then we would laugh or giggle at it.

It came to a point where I had become a little impatient. And so, I tagged her hand along and whispered that we transfer to the dark basement of the house to eavesdrop on two couples who chose to stay upstairs. We were trying to be naughty in our own way. And so, eavesdrop we did, till we could hear some soft giggles. We, or at least I, knew that they were probably embracing and kissing when only soft banters were heard.

It was at this point that I held her hand and slightly turned her around so that we were now facing each other. My heart had been beating unusually faster and I could feel hers too by the way she tried to grasp for breath. I knew then that we were so ready to accept each other as lovers. I held her chin and gently pulled her face towards me. She registered no objection. I stoop down towards her and I can imagine we were both closing our eyes now. Our faces now were almost touching I can smell all of her perfume. As my lips touched her cheek I whispered “I love you” and then kiss her on the other cheek but tried as much as I can to avoid her lips. I can hear her fast random breath and so I thought of embracing her a little tight this time to comfort her somehow.

Then we kissed on the lips; short but passionate. We paused to grasp for breath and tried to ease up for a minute without uttering a word except that we had maintained our tight embrace with my chin rested over her shoulder and her face secured in my arms. Then we let loose our passion and this time we were kissing gently, tenderly and trying to fill each other’s love cup to the brim.

That was it. I had my first kiss when I was sixteen years old and I was in the basement of a house when it happened.

Oh, those first love and kisses; they thrill me to this day, still.

Will you share your first love and first kiss experiences?

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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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4 Responses to First Love and First Kiss: They were Never Too Easy to Forget

  1. Terry says:

    My first kiss was at a movie theater. In the dark with the one I thought I loved for the rest of my life. He took my hand and held it all through the movie. He bought me popcorn and a soda. The movie was over, and we were standing outside waiting for my ride. When we saw the headlights coming we turned to each other. Both of our minds saying we didn’t want to leave. He squeezed my hand and quickly gave me a kiss right on the lips. I didn’t wash my face for two days. Ah those memories.


    • Maxim Sense says:

      “I didn’t wash my face for two days.” Haha.. Now I have lured you into divulging yours. But yes my friend; a trip down memory lane is worth it once in a long while. We need those pleasant memories of the good ol’ days sometimes.


  2. aysabaw says:

    My first love and first kiss wasn’t as romantic and as thrilling as yours.

    I guess, its is because of the newer generation that I am in. I’m not saying I am a lot younger, but things were different during my days/nowadays.

    I wish I had moments with a crush or a loved one under the tree or kissed under the rain, something more romantic. I missed the “kilig factor.” In this generation they will court you just by sending you text messages or by chatting through facebook which isn’t any romantic at all.


    • Maxim Sense says:

      I agree with you. There is less “kilig factor” in the way younger generation do their affairs these days. This could be adulterated by the onslaught of modern technology which, they say, is fast making us lesser and lesser of a human. The lightning speed at which these technologies connect us with each other has effectively taken over the personal touch, so-to-speak, by which we communicate, express tantrums and signal our emotional gestures.

      I love this visit. Thanks a lot.


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