Focus on the Energy that Underlies Thoughts and Feelings

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bluezone-principles-move-naturallyWe are creatures of habit, both mentally and physically. We gradually lose our innate freedom to choose from an infinite field of possibilities. We lose the ability of novel responses to the multitude of changing circumstances, losing our rich capacity for creativity and spontaneity.

We need to be able to naturally increase our range of mental and physical movement. This can be achieved though awareness; the ability to know what one is doing and upon effective action in one’s life. Increased vitality is one result. Another is the capacity to live one’s inner dreams.

We need to restore this ability to learn in a fundamental way, to recover what we have excluded and restricted in ourselves. We need to find mental and physical movements which are flowing and balanced.

We become attached to thoughts. Beneath the thoughts are feelings. Beneath the feelings is energy that is either blocked or flowing. We just have to focus on the energy for it to start flowing again. If the energy is flowing, we become flexible and responsive to change.
My comment:

I learned this one just now. WE JUST HAVE TO TAKE EVERYTHING AS FREE FLOWING POSSIBILITIES. We always harbor this bad habit of selective possibilities as in “there are only a few things I am able to do given my expertise”. Why can’t we just stay open and accommodating rather than restricting. I think if we can only be accommodating enough we develop the habit of not being afraid to try and try until we develop the obsession to succeed. We often leave success to external elements we have the less power to control without knowing that more often SUCCESS IS JUST A MATTER OF ATTITUDE.


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5 Responses to Focus on the Energy that Underlies Thoughts and Feelings

  1. Terry says:

    I am curious. I am a costume jewelry collector. What kind of jewelry is common wear there?


    • Maxim Sense says:

      “Custom jewelry collector”. This is quite deep. If I have to relate this phrase to this post, it could mean “being fond of acquiring and/or adapting to other customs and new habits believing that we have to adjust correspondingly to any new norm to be able to come out with the best out of oneself”. My take is that the existing traditions, customs and norm in a given place is the best for all the people living in that place. While this could be interesting to any visitor it may just be best appreciated and learned rather than adapted except when one chooses to be among the permanent residents of the place.


  2. rupacoach says:

    Yes, staying open to possibilities is a key thing to maximize life experiences.


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