Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Surely black and white shoots enhance the fear factor, and add to it ambiguity and antiquity, that make every shot there is about halloween, haunted places and anything about the dead all the more eerie.

We, Muslims, don’t celebrate all souls or all saints day but because the weekly photo challenge has been a regular feature in my blog I will have to find a way to come out with my entries. And because my camera and me were not prepared- meaning, I have not prepared stocks of photos for this Challenge I thought  Google shall have to come to the rescue. But NO. It is much better to show poor original photos than professional looking plagiarized photos. I think that is how this should be done.

As I was preparing to make this post the sun has completely disappeared from the western horizon. The darkness of the night has completely changed the landscape from brownish green to blinding black and the crickets had begun to render their deafening creepy sounds.

At this instant I thought of grabbing my camera and point it around hoping that some wild thing, ghosts or whatever would chanced upon my frame with the dark background out of nowhere.

This is what I’ve got.

I peeped out of the backdoor gate towards the dimly lighted tombs of my parents-in-law hoping that I would chance upon anything eerie or whatever. I think you just have to help me find out that thing here. Please tell me what you see!

Then, I went out next to our front door gate with the thought that some unexpected visitor may have slowly hovered above. They say that the spirits of the dead would pay homage anytime somehow especially on Halloween night.

This time I pointed the camera to the bamboo trellis in the garden. I was imagining that the cucumber fruit may look like wild bats hanging on in there but it was just too dark to spot them out.

Then I thought of the tree, which I had since called “firefly tree”, because it is always frequented by fireflies. To my dismay, there was none of the fireflies I was expecting to see and provide some ghostly backdrop in the dark. Were they afraid of ghosts that they were noticeably absent tonight?

Finally, I went a little farther to the bush at the back of the tomb of my parents-in-law. I could barely see the silhouette of trees, plants and whatever is there. And this time, my skin hairs had begun to stand. My thoughts keep entertaining the idea that some eerie figures may just indeed pop out of nowhere and make naughty poses for my entries to this week’s challenge. I really felt I have captured some of them but they have disguised in some other forms to keep my composure intact somehow. Perhaps, this was what exactly happened. Take a closer look at the last photo!

About Maxim Sense

I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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4 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

  1. Terry says:

    I want you to know that the hairs on my arms are standing up. Halloween, night of magic and souls roaming the earth. Shadows jumping out at us, minds allowing childhood games. Heart racing, blood pumping, turn quickly my friend, run for home, shut and lock the doors, don’t let them in!!!!!!! Great post Maxim


    • Maxim Sense says:

      Haha.. you were scaring me my friend! But honestly, what I was thinking from the beginning as more of fun than fear, turned out to be shocking and horrific after I had posted the photos. It looked like some naughty ghosts had indeed posed somewhere in the dark! Yay, scary!


  2. If there had been some eerie music in the background, it would have been even more scary. The imagination is very powerful, isn’t it?



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