Waterfalls that Make You Fall for Mindanao

When it comes to world wonders, especially waterfalls, the Philippines is one country that is hard to beat – from its folks to the beautiful formations both in land and water.

Mindanao, the second biggest island in the Philippines is a home to numerous virgin forests, pristine beaches and majestic waterfalls. Being someone from Mindanao, I love selling to the world anything beautiful about this Island. If you opt to skip visiting white sand beaches this summer, then these top ten waterfalls in Mindanao are great places for you to visit:

1. Tinuy-an Falls

Dubbed as the “Little Niagara Falls” of the Philippines, Tinuy-an Falls measures 95 meters wide and 55 meters high making it as the largest waterfalls in the country as well. The area is surrounded with century-old trees, ferns and vines which thrive near the falls. This mighty four-tiered waterfalls is situated in the forest areas of Borboanan, Bislig City in Surigao del Sur.

2. Aliwagwag Falls

Flowing down from 84-tiers, the Aliwagwag Falls is like your stairway to heaven and a gift from above. This majestic and wonderful waterfall is located in Barangay Aliwagwag, Cateel Davao Oriental – a 30 minute ride away from the town’s poblacion. The 84 tiers of this waterfall, present different rock formations of various heights which ranges from 6 to 110 feet. Sadly though, this mighty Aliwagwag Falls has been one of the areas struck by Typhoon Pablo.

3. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls
If you ask what city in Mindanao that has the most waterfalls, Iligan City is the unanimous answer among Mindanao folks. Tinago Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Iligan City which is found between Barangay Ditucalan and the Municipality of Linamon, Lanao del Norte. Tinago is called as such because it lies deep within a gorge and that you will have to trail more steps downward to reach it.

4. Maria Cristina Falls


Still found within Iligan City, Maria Cristina Falls has been a common name even for younger children. Aside from being the main source of electric power in the entire Mindanao region, it also served as an inspiration for many legendary stories.

The National Power Corporation (NPC) constructed a Nature’s Park beside the pool near the twin falls where visitors can see the mighty waterfalls from afar. The park also features animals, a kiosk and a zipline adventure.

5. Lake Sebu 7 Falls

lake sebu

The Seven Falls in Lake Sebu is one of its main attractions. It has seven tiers of falls each with a specified name and T’boli name counterpart. Visitors can have the best view of these seven waterfalls through its breathtaking zipline trip.

6. Katibawasan Falls


The Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin is one of its main attractions. This stunning waterfall is approximately 76 meters tall that plunges to a catch basin surrounded with wild ferns, ground orchids, big trees and boulders. The Katibawasan Falls is definitely a must-go area especially during this hot and humid season.

7. Bani Falls


Going to the Bani Falls (also called Matigol Falls) in Arakan Valley, North Cotabato requires you to have that great endurance as you will have to go through a not so friendly and open trail. However, such tough trail is rewarded with the great experience of plunging into the cascading waters of Bani Falls. It is composed of five tiers with each tier having a catch basin that serves as a natural pool.

8. Asik-Asik Falls


Of all the waterfalls listed here, this waterfall found in Alamada, North Cotabato is the newest discovery and definitely one of a kind! The Asik-Asik Waterfalls aren’t your typical waterfalls that you see coming from a river or spring, instead the water comes out from the rocks of a cliff. It’s like water that has found its way out of a crevice. The highest waterfall is estimated to be 25 meters tall while the rest of the waterfalls are about 5 meters long.

9. Cathedral Waterfall

cathedral fallsFound in the province of Lanao del Norte, the same province that houses Maria Cristina and Tinago Falls, the Cathedral Falls is one breathtaking waterfalls ever found in the Philippines. Yes, it has the same feature like any other waterfalls, but what makes it stunning are the rock formations surrounding it. The rock formations resemble that of pipe organs usually found on cathedrals hence the name given to this waterfall. What’s really good with this waterfall is that it is easily accessible unlike other most waterfalls where you go up and down some hard trails before you reach them.

10. Limunsudan Waterfalls

Another majestic fall in Iligan City is the Limunsudan Waterfalls which is considered to be the highest waterfall in the Philippines at a height of 870 feet. This two-tiered waterfall is located 55 kilometers away from the city proper of Iligan, Lanao del Norte.

These majestic waterfalls in the heart of Mindanao make it like the lost paradise of some sort that everybody wants to be the first to discover and experience. Indeed, this second largest island among 7,100 islands that comprise the entire Philippine archipelago is one tourist destination that compels every visitor to come back again and again.
(Photo credits: DOT)

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11 Responses to Waterfalls that Make You Fall for Mindanao

  1. I could only see the picture of the Asik-Asik Falls, it is beautiful!


  2. Terry says:

    only one photo came through Maxim, but they all sound beautiful


  3. Maxim Sense says:

    I have corrected the problem and the photos are all visible now. They just have to be edited on text rather than visual.


  4. Terry says:

    Oh Maxim, it makes me want to sell my home and move in closer to you for the beauty of it all. It was well worth waiting for the photos to be seen. Magnificent. Thank you also for the comment you made on my background blog. I am so glad you like it!!!! Big hugs my friend


    • Maxim Sense says:

      Haha.. Please tell me when you are ready to move in so I can spare you a room or two. Except for Tinuy-an Falls, all of them are just about 2 to 3 hours drive on the road. I’ve gone to most of them and they are so refreshing to the body, mind and soul. I am sure I will enjoy them more with you around 🙂 Hugs too my friend.


  5. They are all absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these pictures.


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