Letter to Santa Claus

santa_gifSanta Claus is very much alive, and to think this way out from a Muslim’s perspective, is doubly amazing, I think. I can’t speak for the Christians and those who likewise celebrate Christmas with Santa as the other prominent figure in addition to the Nativity. But for our Christian neighbors here I have not seen any difficulty in the way they hold  the religious Christmas from the fantasy and celebrate them both, and in doing so they both give and receive.

I have my own bias for this post which was originally posted in my blog last year at about the same time as now.  Just as Santa Claus seems to be seen as more of an immortal being now, or at least in the eyes of the innocent children, so is his memory and the way we fantasize him still, bring a lot of wonderful experience every Christmas. I am re-posting it here. I love to go through it over again.

This is just wistful thinking, before anyone of you might think I am already less sane. Hahaha! But I think it is best to write Santa this early before he becomes too busy to read our letters. But wait. Can anyone please tell me the exact address of Santa Claus? Otherwise, I will just hang this out in the chimney.


Mindanao, Philippines

November 23, 2013

Dear Santa,

At the outset, please allow me to introduce myself to you. I am a Muslim and I don’t celebrate Christmas – which doesn’t mean that we Muslims are indifferent to it but it is simply non-existent in our culture, customs or tradition.

That makes this letter free from any self-serving motive.

However, having been educated from a sectarian school, I knew too well how Christmas is celebrated and how Christian children from all walks of life were told to be good for goodness sake and not to cry nor pout because YOU are coming to town. So, what’s the big deal over your coming to town?

Though you never told anyone as to when and where were you born, I surmised that you must have come from a place quite far away from the Philippines or in our promised land of Mindanao.

At this time of the year, I know you have not been to any place yet as you are busy making a list and checking it twice. I wonder for whom your gifts are intended to after finding out who’s naughty or nice and good or bad. Are they for the nice and good children only, for the naughty and bad or for both? I ask this silly question however I know that you do not discriminate in the matter of giving gifts. But what are those gifts for if they were not meant as incentives for children to be nice and good? I leave everything to you and assume that you know better.

Somehow, you can’t keep me from wondering why you keep doing what you do? What do you get in return? And why do you leave Mrs. Claus all alone, out in the cold, on Christmas Eve? I think that is quite unkind of you to stay away from your loved ones on a night that is supposed to be special for them and with you by their side.

I have a lot of questions to ask you even if I know that the chance of me visited by YOU is almost nil. But if by chance we meet, some of the other questions I will ask are: a) What gifts do you usually give to children? b)What are your criteria in selecting who are entitled to your gifts? c) How do you define children in terms of age? I might still qualify as recipient of your gifts, otherwise, I will just speak for the children in my corner of the world.

Well, I think, I just have to do that especially after I found out that most, if not all, children here are no longer as enthusiastic as say, five or six decades ago, to meet you in person. Worse, and I really hope not, they have stopped believing in you. And most probably, I am the only adult left who still believes in you.

Whatever it is, I know that you travel a lot, otherwise, there is no need for your fantastic sleigh pulled by reindeers under the guidance of Rudolph; that red-nosed reindeer whose nose glows in the dark – the primary reason why you engaged him to guide your sleigh. I always see a picture of you on your sleigh: at one time, dashing through the snow; at other times, cruising along the stars. You must be traveling at the speed of light, otherwise, you won’t be able to visit all the world’s children of your choice in one Christmas Eve.

I hope you are safe, Santa. More than your safety though, I wish that what you do makes you happy. I know a lot of people who are unhappy. I think they are stressed by selfishness, greed, pride and vanity, arrogance, envy or simply by their unfortunate circumstances. I wish you could give them happiness instead of material gifts which do not guarantee long and lasting joy. I really wish gift-giving isn’t so materialistic this time. In fact if I had known that you also give PEACE as a gift, I would rather prefer that over anything else. That is so wanting in our Mindanao or probably in the whole world now. And I will have to add, please bring peace and joy to the unfortunate victims of ‘Yolanda’, especially the children, the weak and the old. ‘Yolanda’ was such a wicked and naughty woman.

Finally, if the children in our corner of the world complain that you are just as elusive as before, you can be assured that they will stop expecting from you or at least they will no longer prepare for your coming. I can only hope that they will still continue to be nice and good whether you are coming to town or not.

Good luck Santa.

Sincerely yours,

Maxim sense

About Maxim Sense

I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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8 Responses to Letter to Santa Claus

  1. Terry says:

    I love it. A great message within the walls of a fairy tale!!!


    • Maxim Sense says:

      I hope I made it fair by treating it with delicate care to separate the religious from the fantasy yet make them look like one just goes well with the other. It’s quite hard to explain but for those who had been into it, they do not find it hard to understand either. Thank you my friend Terry. I am happy that you loved this.


  2. hugmamma says:

    Reblogged this on hugmamma's MIND, BODY and SOUL and commented:
    I know this is a month early. However, it touched me instantly. I hope it does you as well…and ushers in a holiday filled with peace among all mankind…believers and those who believe differently.



    • Maxim Sense says:

      This is too kind of you. I am sure we are touched the same way. Every man and woman of peace, love and goodwill would necessarily feel this way. Thank you for the visit hugmamma and my big HUGS for you.


      • hugmamma says:

        You may be a Muslim in practice, but you embody Christian values as well. Are the religions really so different? In my opinion, there are more similarities than differences. I believe Santa abides with you all year round…in your heart.

        hugs and aloha…


      • Maxim Sense says:

        I am quite certain that for Islam and Christianity there is a very high degree of similarities than differences. In fact, there is almost no difference between the Holy Quran and the Old Testament. These two great religions of the world recognize and believe in the Books of Torah revealed to Moses (Musa in Arabic), the Books of Psalms revealed to David (Daud in Arabic) and the Gospel revealed to Jesus Christ (Isah Almasih). The Holy Quran takes fondness in referring to those who believed in the first three Books of Revelation as Ahlul Kitab (People of the Book). The Old Testament and the Holy Quran taught us to avoid pork as it is extremely harmful to the health of humans.

        The two Religions differed only when Christianity espoused the doctrine of Trinity (a threesome personality of God) promoted by St. Paul and confirmed by the Council of Nicea. Islam also recognized and believed in the fourth Book, i.e. the Holy Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Other differences came out when pseudo-Christians and pseudo-Muslims, also called bigots and fanatics respectively, made radical and self-serving doctrinal interpretations based on fanatical dogma to suit their own interests in fomenting hatred and terror.

        However, regardless of religious background and upbringing, we are all humans capable of loving, valuing and respecting each other. Loving like the unconditional Divine Love of the Loving God is all we need to realize a peaceful world populated by humans of all sorts living in harmony and contentment.


  3. suzjones says:

    I wish all people practiced peace and good will all year through and not just at Christmas.


    • Maxim Sense says:

      Wonderfully said. Indeed if everyone else can be instruments of God’s love and peace everyday through, this would be a wonderful world to live in. Thanks for this visit SuzJones. Hugs for you.


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