Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

We want to see your interpretation of grand, from festive holiday city scenes to the Christmas tree in your living room to other shots that will make our jaws drop. We look forward to seeing your images!” – Cheri

Last week I had a chance to visit what I would call a “long-lost relative” because we have not been in touch with each other for almost two decades. Can you imagine that!

When his mother died the other week he was kind enough to inform me about it. To me, this was like telling me “please come and visit us”. So I went with my wife and the family of my youngest daughter (with her husband and 1-year old daughter). As usual, I took on the wheels along that 3-hour long drive on the road. I enjoyed driving through and up and down that rocky mountain high. The town of Wao, our destination, is located along the Bumbaran mountain range in the province of Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines.

At about 45 minutes before reaching our destination we saw this grand mansion below and it made my jaws drop for some moments.

mansion (1)mansion (3)It is not the elaborately designed mansion of Mediterranean-influenced architecture you would imagine but if you consider the house, its location and how it relates to its environment, this is stunning and amazingly GRAND.

The house is strategically located on a rolling hill along a winding road. A little further down is a bridge over a creek with clear running water underneath. So, what’s really grand about it? The house stands perfect in this kind of location.

But if you look far and wide around, you would see shanties and houses made of light materials which depict the state of an impoverished community. If this is an urban setting, the house is like a palace in the middle of a squatters’ area. This makes this house so grand and amazing to me.

After knowing everything about it and its surroundings, one would always be tempted to ask: “What could have enticed this multi-millionaire human to build his house here in this far-flung and impoverished community?”

Well, he might just be an avid lover of nature like me, that he preferred to build his dream house on his dream location here rather than erect it beside some palatial homes in the metropolis. Here, it stands big and proud and easily the most beautiful sight around. Certainly, it makes every passerby’s jaws drop on such a GRAND structure in a rural setting.

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