Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

We don’t have the four seasons in the Philippines. What we have are strong typhoons, which usually occur in the second semester of the year (July – December), and the dry season. With the scorching heat of summer I am praying for the rainy season to come ahead of time (June – August).

I love to indulge half-naked in the rain but it looks like I will not be able to do that this year. We will experience another climate change phenomenon, “El Niñ0”, which was predicted by PAGASA (the Phil. weather bureau) to come in June and lasts until end of this year.

My greatest fear though is not the absence of rain but the effect that “El Niño” can do to agriculture and the farmers. With respect to the economy, “El Niño” will have more far-reaching effects than super typhoon Yolanda.

Anyway, whatever climate change there may be in the way, I share with you some of my photos in Tokyo when I was there in January 2004.

JICA Training Center in Hyogo
At the background is the JICA Training Center in Hyogo. I stayed here for three days as part of my two-week study tour in Japan. I was toured to selected places where I had a good view of partnerships among government, the community and stakeholders in terms of project planning and implementation.

With one of our trip facilitators
I was escorted by a Japanese lady, one of our travel facilitators, in our visit to the Osaka Castle.

Osaka thru my hotel window
Here above is the view of Osaka through my hotel window.

hai gian temple in Kyoto
This is the beautiful and majestic Hai Gian Temple, my favorite postcard photo, in the old historic city of Kyoto. Winter is almost over and spring is about to set in but for me the 18 degrees centigrade temperature is quite cold still for me.

I miss that experience in Japan- one of the most beautiful countries I have visited.

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I hope to write for a cause someday but for now all I wanted really is to write for a cost and I haven't started yet, or better still, nobody wants to pay me :-)
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6 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

  1. Terry says:

    We haven’t had near the amount of rain in our rainy season. Makes me wonder what our summer will be like. I really enjoyed the photos Maxim

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    • Maxim Sense says:

      I really love the rain, my friend; makes me wander back through my childhood days when running around naked under the rain was no big deal 🙂 But with worsening climate change nowadays it is very different altogether. The sad news is the dry spell called “el niño” will deprive us of rain from June this year till early part of next year. I wonder how agriculture and our subsistence farmers will survive! Thanks my friend for dropping in, as always.


  2. Maxim Sense says:

    The Filipinos are very resilient people. We will have our ways of adapting to this long drought but the damage it can do to agriculture and hydro-power is expected to hurt our economy. Earlier rainwater is stored in some lucky aquifers but that can only be sourced out as drinking water. The government can do some cloud-shedding when extremely necessary to help the agriculture sector cope up with the situation.

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