Tips To Grow Healthy Tomatoes And Fill The Wallet

Tip # 1. Space your tomatoes anywhere from 2 to 4 feet.
Tip # 2. Stake the tomatoes so it won’t fell to the ground.
Tip # 3. Prune the tomatoes by removing the suckers.
Tip # 4. Feed/fertilize the tomatoes every two weeks.
Tip # 5. Water the tomatoes early in the morning.

Here’s the complete video I got from

But, why my sudden interest for growing tomatoes? Of course, we can never over-emphasize the important benefits of tomatoes. In addition to vitamin C, Tomatoes are widely known for their outstanding antioxidant properties and rich concentration of lycopene. Researchers have recently found an important connection between lycopene and bone health.

I now confess that my interest in growing tomatoes is both for the health benefits and income.

I attended an agricultural productivity seminar last month and I got particularly interested in growing vegetables in a greenhouse. Greenhouse gardening offers the following advantages: 1. soil moisture, humidity and temperature are controlled 2. the plants are perfectly shielded from insect attacks 3. there is no such thing as cropping season, meaning, planting can be done anytime of the year.

In the example that was shown, a 272 square meter lot can produce as much as 7 tons of tomatoes. On off-season, tomatoes command a price of half a dollar per kilo in our town. Seven thousand kilos multiplied by 50 cents equals $3,500. Take away the $500 as production cost and this means a net income of $3,000 per cropping from a small area. If I make 3 croppings a year this gives me an annual net income of $9,000 per greenhouse. According to the lecturer, the return on investment is 3 years which could be lesser if I make use of locally available materials to build the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is equipped with a computer and sensors that trigger the computer program to control soil moisture, humidity and temperature by sprinkling the right amount of water.

My farm lot is about one kilometer away from the public market. I can’t wait to start this farm enterprise, but wait; I have yet to build the greenhouse and I am seriously considering bamboo, tie wires and fine nylon nets as construction materials.

Now, did I trigger your interest too?


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