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The author was born on June 11, 1956 at Kilangan, Pagalungan, Maguindanao, now the site of the famous Malmar Irrigation Project. He finished his primary education from Kilangan Primary School, elementary education from Pikit Central Elementary School, Class 1967 and secondary education from Notre Dame of Pikit, Class 1971.

Due to the trouble brought about by the armed confrontation between the government and the MNLF forces in the 1970s, he was not able to pursue his college education immediately after graduating from high school.

In 1979, when there was the opportunity to study in college, he enrolled at the University of Southern Mindanao where he was a recipient of the Grant-in-Aid Scholarship program. He took up BS in Agricultural Engineering and graduated in 1984; took up his Masters in Public Administration from the Mindanao State University and graduated in 1995, and his Doctoral Degree in Rural Development from USM where he graduated in March 2006.

His first major break was in 1991 when he passed the screening and qualified to become the Regional Project Manager of the Local Government Support Program funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. His stint with CIDA gave him the opportunity to study and complete his Masters Degree in Public Administration in 1995 at MSU-Marawi City. After graduation, he served as part-time professor in the Graduate School of the MSU-Maguindanao Campus for three years, that is from 1998 to 2001.

He decided not to renew his contract with CIDA after it expired in 1996 and chose to work with consulting firms such as Consummate Consultants based in Greenhills, Quezon City; Management and Business Efficiency Services based in Cotabato City; and PRODEV Consultants based in Marawi City. He has extensive experience in organizational diagnosis, rural development planning, community organizing and mobilization, and project development and management. In fitting recognition of these achievements, he was accorded by his alma mater, University of Southern Mindanao, the prestigious “Most Outstanding Alumnus Award for Community Development” in October 2004.

He has extensive trainings in Development Management from the Asian Institute of Management, Gender-Sensitivity Planning and Development from the Development Academy of the Philippines, Financial Management from the UP Center for Local Government Administration and Management and Implementation of Foreign-Assisted Projects from the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business Administration. He has been to some Study Tours and trainings abroad particularly Islamic Da’wah Training in Malaysia in 1989, Local Government Management Training in Canada  in 1995 and Seminar on Governance and Project Management in Japan in 2004.

When Zamzamin Ampatuan took over as Administrator of the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) in 2001, he was appointed Regional Manager of SPDA Caraga Region and concurrent Manager of the Panguil Bay Bridge Project in Tubod, Lanao del Norte. He served both positions until March 2003. After SPDA, he worked as Head Executive Assistant in the Office of the Executive Secretary, Office of the Regional Governor, ARMM. While in that Office, he had the opportunity to take the third level eligibility Career Service Executive Examination in June 2003 and passed the same. Consequently, he was awarded the “Career Service Executive Eligibility” (CSEE) by the Civil Service Career Executive Service Board on February 10, 2004.

On October 1, 2004, he transferred to DAR-Maguindanao Provincial Office where he was appointed as Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer (PARO I). In addition to this, he served as part-time professor in some private and state universities, something that he considers his “first love” profession. He also served as Executive Assistant on-call basis to the incumbent Mayor of Pikit, Sumulong K. Sultan from March 2006 to January 2009. Now, he is full-time Municipal Administrator of LGU Pikit since February 2009.

He has been happily married since December 22, 1980 and enjoys the company of his loving and supportive wife, Bai Jasmin Sultan, and their four children: Datu Jamir, Datu Jamshid, Datu Jafer and Bai Maryam Johannie. Today, his eldest son is a registered nurse and is now a Clinical Instructor in the College of Nursing, University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, North Cotabato. His second son is a graduate of BS in Electronics Communication Engineering and works as building inspector at LGU Pikit. His third son is a graduate of BS in Medical Technology and works at the Kidapawan Doctors Hospital. His youngest child and only daughter has just graduated her BS in Nursing in March 2012 and is preparing to take the Nursing Licensure examination.

The author believes that he is fulfilled in family and career as he does not seek for so much in life. He only asks Allah to give him enough.


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    Hi Maxim,

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  2. ireneendaya says:

    Hi Maxim, I know you may have received the Versatile Blogger Award countless times before (seeing the photo link at your wall), but I just want you to know that I enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward for more. You can check out on the post here: http://wp.me/p31nSm-lI.


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    Hi Maxim,
    Thanks for following, happy blogging!


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    I still remember your comments on my blog years ago. I just drip by. Hi sir!


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