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Terror is Getting Uglier by the Day

The Boston bomb brutality.Who did it and why it has to happen? Specifically, it was a sporting event that was meant to be joyous and festive and was supposed to bring out the best in human beings. The seeming incompatibility … Continue reading

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OMG! Less than One Month After the Newtown School Shooting Rampage, Here is Another One!

One more day of inaction and US authorities shall be overtaken by several other senseless killings. I thought the US has been there, done that. How many more deaths are required to push them to act with mettle and meat? … Continue reading

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Rebuilding Ban-ao After Typhoon Pablo

BAN-AO, Baganga, Davao Oriental, Jan. 3, 2013 (Bong D. Fabe) The first week of December last year (2012) was a week of terror for residents of Davao Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines as super-typhoon ‘Pablo” (packing winds of 110 miles per hour) … Continue reading

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The Right to Bear Arms and Kid’s Safety

So much have been discussed and written about it but the right to bear arms has always been a right to most Americans (I say most because there are a few I read who are opposed to it), for as … Continue reading

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Hero Teacher: One of Shooting Victims

Oh my God! How can such horrifying murders of innocent lives happen? Or what’s happening to the world now? And what’s happening to me? I always cry every time I read about stories of bare human heroism so profoundly exemplified. … Continue reading

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