Photo Challenge: Endurance

Endurance: the ability to stay put; the will to survive or nature’s way of preserving itself.

Here is an edifice in our hometown that has endured for more than two centuries now.

Fort Cotabato



This is the Spanish stone fort that was built in about the year 1800. It was used by the Spaniards as a command post and launching pad for their operations to subdue the Moros (who now proudly call themselves Bangsamoro) of Mindanao. Unfortunately, this was the only one of three major Islands of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao) which was not ruled at will by the Spanish colonizers.

When the Americans arrived here on Dec. 11, 1899 (as you can see on the scribbled note), they used the fortress for the same purpose. But then again, the brave Moros of Mindanao stood up to defend their homeland. They have mastered the art of ‘hit and run’ type of guerilla warfare to inflict body counts against the enemy with superior weaponry.

The Moros, now the proud Bangsamoro, showed their ability to endure superior forces because they were fired up by a more superior love for their homeland which they would never give up to foreign dominion and control.

What a way for this stone fort and the Bangsamoro to show ENDURANCE!

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Photo Challenge: Humanity

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Humanity. And its many dimensions. It's probably the most interesting subject any print, broadcast and the social media can have.

Here is my own share of a human story.

kth (3)

kth (5)

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I was among a three-member Board of Judges for a cultural show in our hometown, and as usual, we were served with delicious foods more than we can consume. After eating, a man approached me and asked if he can take the left-overs for his pet cats and dogs. Realizing that there were many left-overs I looked around and saw these dirty hungry children. I said to the man: “you may collect the left-overs later”.

I approached the children, washed their hands and led them to the food table. I realized how hungry they were by the way they gobbled up the foods in no time at all. I enjoyed the sight. It was so touching, wonderful, fulfilling seeing those kids feed on food which they may have only tasted for the first time.

From that time on, I said to myself: “while I love my pet dogs and cats, the hungry children shall be fed first. There will always be leftovers anyway”.

Afterwards, I rushed to the bathroom to hide the fact that I had to wipe some tears I didn’t know they had sympathized with me. Thank you Lord for giving me this one golden opportunity to make me feel I was so human.

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Photo Challenge: Dialogue

“For this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?”

These are two polo shirts I designed for our search and rescue team. What do they tell each other? Definitely, one is telling the other: “I am better than you”. Now, you be the judge.


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Photo Challenge: Fray

“Share a photo of what “fray” means to you — it could be a tear in a favorite pair of jeans, a street rumble just about to begin, or a friend diving into an oncoming wave at the beach.”

Well, look at this. My grand-daughter is ready to join the fray here.







“Nah, you join me here, hehe”.

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Photo Challenge: Zigzag

The Kennon Road below that leads all the way up to Baguio City, Philippines, is also known as the “Zigzag Road” due to its long winding turns. Traversing this road can really make you feel nauseous especially if you’re not used to travelling on long hours.

The zigzag road heading to Baguio can really make you feel nauseous if you're not used to traveling on long hours.


But if Baguio City has its zigzag road, the province of Quezon has one too. This is Eme Road which is traditionally known as “bitukang manok” (chicken’s intestine). The name aptly described this long and winding road that leads across the mountains of Quezon and gives a panoramic view of both green mountains and the deep blue sea beyond.

If Baguio City has its swirling zigzag road, Quezon province has its own version of Kennon road called Eme road or traditionally known as bitukang manok.


(photo courtesy of

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Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Nothing could be a better sight than the tulips, daisies and the daffodils at their best in summer. To me, summer lovin’ is flower lovin’. Yipeey!
2. GardenTulips


3. English Daisies


6. Daffodils

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

“Boxes, tanks, wrappers: for this week’s Photo Challenge, show us something that contains something else.”

Here is container to me:

smt 05

The flower. Yes. It is the most beautiful container to me.

What could be inside this very beautiful container? We see the petals outside. Inside, we see the pistil and stamen. The stamen contains the anther and filament. Inside the pistil we find the stigma, style, ovary and ovule.

The stamen is the male part of the plant which produces the pollen. The pistil is the female part of the plant which produces fruit once pollination has taken place in the ovary.

Oh container! You challenged me to the point of googling up for my elementary science on flower.

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