Photo Challenge: Endurance

Endurance: the ability to stay put; the will to survive or nature’s way of preserving itself.

Here is an edifice in our hometown that has endured for more than two centuries now.

Fort Cotabato



This is the Spanish stone fort that was built in about the year 1800. It was used by the Spaniards as a command post and launching pad for their operations to subdue the Moros (who now proudly call themselves Bangsamoro) of Mindanao. Unfortunately, this was the only one of three major Islands of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao) which was not ruled at will by the Spanish colonizers.

When the Americans arrived here on Dec. 11, 1899 (as you can see on the scribbled note), they used the fortress for the same purpose. But then again, the brave Moros of Mindanao stood up to defend their homeland. They have mastered the art of ‘hit and run’ type of guerilla warfare to inflict body counts against the enemy with superior weaponry.

The Moros, now the proud Bangsamoro, showed their ability to endure superior forces because they were fired up by a more superior love for their homeland which they would never give up to foreign dominion and control.

What a way for this stone fort and the Bangsamoro to show ENDURANCE!

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6 Responses to Photo Challenge: Endurance

  1. Terry says:

    beautiful country Maxim

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  2. Good choices, Maxim, and yes, lovely country.


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