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A Great Love Story Unfazed by Yolanda’s Wrath

Indeed it is true that true love survives under any circumstance. Not even the worst tragedy brought about by Yolanda, the strongest typhoon ever to hit the Philippines, hindered the online romance between Houssam Hammoudi, a 31-year-old Canadian Muslim based … Continue reading

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Morning Dew (A Poem Dedicated to “Truth”)

(It’s rainy season here now and every morning I see a few awesome dew desperately hanging on for dear life only to be dried up later and vanished as the sun lords over the earth. I thought of immortalizing what … Continue reading

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First Love and First Kiss: They were Never Too Easy to Forget

I was just whiling away time one lazy afternoon till I thought of going to the tennis court and find playmates but the weather has been getting unpredictable these days. While I was preparing to dump some extra shirts, wrist … Continue reading

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That Voice on the Phone

That voice on the phone Was like any familiar tone If not for the sweet bubbly hue That sprang out of the blue I was speechless And motionless The feeling I can’t apprise By such a pleasant surprise Oh, you … Continue reading

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Today (Nov. 20) is my Wife’s Birthday

Dear Sweetheart, Today reminds me, not only of your birthday, but also the day that God brought to this world my soul-mate. I have watched you grow as a little girl (You are 7 years younger than me). Though we … Continue reading

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