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First Love and First Kiss: They were Never Too Easy to Forget

I was just whiling away time one lazy afternoon till I thought of going to the tennis court and find playmates but the weather has been getting unpredictable these days. While I was preparing to dump some extra shirts, wrist … Continue reading

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My Sharing with Terry (Part 2)

My (our) friend Terry Shepherd, I think, is facing the most trying times in her life now as she manages to do everything she could to make life for her brother Al a little comfortable in the way she could … Continue reading

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That Voice Over the Phone!

(I wrote this poem to commemorate and immortalize that first ever phone conversation with a very special friend who lives in far away foreign land yet I feel she is so close to me). That voice over the phone Was … Continue reading

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My Sharing with Terry

I thought I had enough of shedding tears this month of December. I thought twice were enough. I thought today (Dec. 18, 2012) is just like all of my ordinary days. But NO. Today’s tears were necessary because this time … Continue reading

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» Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

On our silver wedding anniversary (December 22, 2006). I was so thankful.

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Today (Nov. 20) is my Wife’s Birthday

Dear Sweetheart, Today reminds me, not only of your birthday, but also the day that God brought to this world my soul-mate. I have watched you grow as a little girl (You are 7 years younger than me). Though we … Continue reading

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Letter from a Christian to his Muslim friend

Background Mindanao (Philippines) was virtually an unknown spot in the world map until early 1970s when the Muslim pocket rebellion broke out and wreck havoc on lives, limbs and liberties. The Muslim rebellion, now generically known as the Mindanao problem … Continue reading

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